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We lost £2,500 to a rental scam

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I lost £10,000 to a Romance Scam

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Fraud prevention lets you carry out identity checks on people you’re dealing with, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

The First Check Against Fraud

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Online id verification is a value-for-money online ID verification service which verifies that the details of the person you are dealing with check out, so you can buy or sell with added confidence.

Verify credit record

We verify that the customer has a valid UK credit record, which can help to ensure they are who they say they are.

Fraud prevention

We recommend that you always use our verification service before paying any money, or releasing goods you are selling, to help reduce the risk that you are dealing with scammers or fraudsters.

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Identity check

It’s important you use our service before you pay any money, or exchange any items you’re selling. If things should go wrong with your transaction, you can then provide the authorities with the correct details of the person you were dealing with.

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Protect yourself if you are...

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Rental fraud prevention

looking to rent a room or house

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Online fraud protection

using online sales sites such as Ebay

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Check fraud

buying/selling a product or service

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online dating

How it works in 4 easy steps

Follow the steps below or watch our short video which shows how to use, and help to stop yourself from being defrauded.


Enter your, and your third party’s email address. An email will be sent to your third party.


Your third party will need to register or login, fill out a form and upload a document and enter bank details if you want them to.


Your 3rd party will be directed to a payment gateway.


Once you have paid, the checks will be carried out within 90 seconds. Both parties will receive the verification result.

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About is founded on over 20 years’ experience of law enforcement in the UK’s Trading Standards Service and a decade in financial investigation. The team’s background of investigating and prosecuting criminals, advising businesses on how to trade legally, and seizing money from convicted criminals is the bedrock of everything we do.

This background is bolstered by first-hand experience of dealing with victims of fraud. Their stories of losing money are the driving force behind our desire to do something proactive to help prevent it: is the result.



We know students have tight budgets, so we’re giving a discount of £2.00 & you only pay £9.99 per check. Ask your college or university accommodation or student services for the discount code. For all other users, the price per verification is £11.99. Non students can prepay for three verifications and pay a reduced fee of £29.97 (Unused verifications will be forfeited after 180 days). All prices include VAT.



What is rental fraud?

£22 million was lost to rental fraud in the UK between April 2014 and March 2018 (Action Fraud). It most commonly occurs when would-be tenants pay an up-front fee to rent a property or secure a room, only to find that there’s no record of the person they paid the money to, and the property either does not exist, or is not for rent.

How does protect me on Ebay and other online sites?

Fraudsters can use Ebay as the first part of a scam: an item is advertised as usual on Ebay, but when you actually purchase the item, unbeknown to you, the scammer has moved the transaction off the site. You pay, only to discover there is no item. Additionally, you don’t have the support of Ebay as your transaction happened outside of Ebay.

Does help to protect me from the virtual vehicle fraud

The short answer is ‘yes’! Our check can verify that the person you are just about to pay a large deposit to is a real person, helping to significantly reduce the risk that you’re looking at a cloned-car’s details. Without the check, you could end up with a lost deposit, no car, and no way for your bank to reclaim the payment.

Another common situation arises if a car is actually bought, but problems arise with the vehicle. Often the seller denies selling you the car, and the money you’ve paid has disappeared into fraudulent accounts which appear to have no connection to the seller.

Who uses is for anybody who wants to limit the chances of them becoming a victim of fraud. It can help to protect anyone looking to rent a room or house, people buying items on Ebay, buyers or sellers of vehicles, and anybody else who is making a transaction with somebody they don’t know.

Should sellers use

Certainly – sellers are not immune from being defrauded either. As a seller you can be at risk from receiving stolen cheques. These clear in your bank account so you release the item, only to find that the cheque payment is reversed later. In effect, your buyer never paid for anything. This is less likely to happen if you can verify the details of the person who is looking to buy from you.

What forms of identification are needed to use

Only one form of identification needs to be uploaded to validate a person’s identity. The list includes Driving Licence, Passport and National Identification Card. Please note that if you don’t upload an acceptable document, you will not be verified, but may still be charged.

What does validation of the identification document mean?

The uploaded document is checked for authenticity. Advanced technology extracts the details from the document and uses mathematical algorithms, colour wave technology, a library of document images to validate the document.

Will the requester see my Identification Document?

To aid verification, the requester will see your identification document, but they will not see a full image of your identification document, the document will be redacted for privacy and security reasons. Bank Account details will also be redacted for privacy.

What information will a requester see when they obtain verification results?

If the user being verified is under 18, the requester will see ALERT.
If we cannot match the person being verified with the ID document, you will see FAIL. If they both match, you will see PASS.
If you ask for verification and bank account check, if both match, you will see PASS.
If you ask for verification and bank account check and the verification fails, you will receive FAIL for both. If the Verification passes but bank account fails, you will PASS for verification and FAIL for bank account.
If verification or bank account check fails, please think carefully whether you want to transact with the other party.

Can I still use an approved form of identification if it is due to expire shortly?

Yes, as long as your identification document is valid on the day you are applying to be verified.

Is the information I supply secure?

All information entered onto is encrypted.

No bank or payment details are stored by, bank records are only kept by the processing bank for payment of services. All electronic data is stored in the same secure, encrypted manner as other electronic data collected by the debit/credit card processing company.

What should I do if I am defrauded by a seller or buyer?

If you are a victim of fraud, you should report this to the Police or Action Fraud immediately. is not a law enforcement agency and cannot investigate crimes.

If a seller or buyer is verified successfully, does that mean I can trust them? verifies that the seller or buyer exists on UK credit data. This does not mean that the buyer or seller is who they claim to be however. We recommend that both parties produce ID if you meet in person, to prove their ID matches the details they were verified with.

Will affect my credit score? is not a credit check, but an identity check using credit data. This leaves a ‘Soft Footprint’ on your credit file which will not affect your credit score or your ability to obtain credit.

Do I have to register with my bank account details?

Your name, address, and date of birth are automatically checked, but adding bank account details increases the trust others will have in you once you’re verified. The bank account you add will be verified too, so buyers can transfer the money to this account. For privacy, the account details the requester sees will be redacted.

What if the process does not verify me?

If you are not verified, please do not contact because we do not own the credit data and therefore can’t amend it.

If you are not verified, you should request a copy of your credit file from a credit reference agency such as Experian or Equifax. Once you receive this record, you can correct any errors you see on the file. Once you have amended any errors, you can request verification on

What should I do if I have accidentally entered incorrect information?

Unfortunately, if you enter old or incorrect information into the verification system, this information will be used to verify you. You or the seller will still be charged.

Each party must take responsibility for inputting the correct information. takes no responsibility for incorrectly entered information.

What happens if I send the verification link to the other party and they don’t complete it?

The verification process is voluntary: nobody can insist you complete the verification request. There may be valid reasons for somebody not completing the process, but we would advise caution in these situations.

What do I do if I want to verify myself?

Simply enter your email address in both the ‘Your email’ and ‘Third Party Email’ fields and you will be able to complete the verification process yourself.

Online Dating

Action Fraud stated £50 million lost to romance fraud in 2018. If you have a new friendship, use to confirm they are who they claim to be.

Missing emails?

If you have not received an email from please check your spam/junk folder or refresh your inbox.

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